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homeland 2024 lottery calendar

2024 Lottery Calendar:
Honoring Homeland’s Founding Churches

Homeland Center 2024 Lottery Calendar CoverHomeland Center has a rich history of caring and innovation. That history began in the winter of 1866 in the aftermath of the Civil War. Soldiers’ wives, widows and parents struggled to provide for dependent family members without the support of dead and disabled husbands and sons. On November 21, 1866, 18 women from nine Harrisburg city churches met to consider how they could help. In 1867, the group chartered the “Society for the Home for the Friendless” and raised funds to begin operating what today is Homeland Center and Homeland at Home.

These nine churches and the intersection of their history with Homeland’s history is honored in the 8th annual Homeland Lottery Calendar.

The Lottery Calendar is a Homeland tradition that is a gift that keeps on giving. Everyone who purchases a calendar is eligible to be entered into daily drawings for cash prizes of up to $100. For $25, your purchase helps Homeland provide financial support and additional services to residents, patients and clients in need.

Homeland believes that every interaction with a resident, client or patient is an opportunity to create a memorable moment, making an ordinary day a special day. This is especially true for residents who no longer have the financial means to pay. A hallmark of Homeland Center is that no one is ever asked to leave because they can no longer afford care.