When Personal Care Might Be the Right Choice for You


Word cloudIs keeping up with daily tasks harder than it once was? Do activities such as doing the laundry, dusting, and yard work now require lengthy breaks? Are chores that once took you five or ten minutes now taking an hour or two – or even more?

You can receive the support you need and still live an independent, active and healthy life. How? With Personal Care at Homeland Center.

In addition to providing Skilled Care, Dementia Care, Rehabilitation Services, Hospice, HomeHealth and HomeCare, Homeland Center also has a Personal Care unit consisting of 50 spacious furnished or unfurnished studio suites.

Jennifer Murray, Director of Personal Care for Homeland, says, “Personal Care is designed to help residents be as independent as possible, while assisting with daily tasks. Assistance includes helping with balance and mobility issues, medication management, and support for everyday activities that may have become more difficult to do without some help.”

Murray says the most common reason people decide to move to Personal Care is for socialization.

“You do not get the same activity and socialization in a home setting as you would in a Personal Care home,” she says. “There is a social isolation that often happens when a person is home with limited interaction with others.”

What can you expect as a Personal Care resident?

Each suite has an emergency call system that is continually monitored by on-staff medical professionals all day, every day, 24/7. Mealtimes consist of a varied menu – including options for those with special dietary needs. Each month, a new calendar is created and filled with several different activities for residents to participate in including exercise classes, bingo, and crafts.

“We offer many different types of activities for residents – games, musical events, exercise groups, special parties for holidays; but what makes us different from other facilities is we provide personal interaction,” says Murray. “There is a comradery that exists among our residents and the staff unlike any other. That is what makes Homeland so special.”

Homeland Center Personal Care offers a wide range of services, for individuals who only need minimal supervision to those who have mobility issues and memory impairment. Homeland’s staff also ensures residents receive the best quality of care and assistance with daily living needs.

Give us a call at 717.221.7901 to learn if Personal Care is right for you.