Resident Spotlight: Elaine Golembiewski recalls fun times


When Elaine Golembiewski and her friends had good government jobs, they had enough money for cars and freedom. From her home in Wilkes-Barre, she would take out-of-town excursions or have some fun at local spots.

“My girlfriends and I would never sit at home,” she says. “We liked to go out.”

Sometimes, they would take a train to New York City. Other days, they would meet up at a nearby town or Harvey’s Lake, the popular Northeastern Pennsylvania getaway known to locals and tourists alike as the go-to place for water sports and lakeside amusements.

“The bunch of us worked for the government, so we all had money,” she recalls. “We all had cars.” Today, she sees her excursions through the eyes of a parent. “When I think what I put my mother through,” she sighs.

Elaine Golembiewski, pronounced Go-lem-BES-ski, was born Elaine Bosha, pronounced Bo-SHAY. Her father worked for The Central Railroad in the nearby town of Ashley. She had a sister and two brothers, and she graduated from James M. Coughlin High School.

As an accounting technician at Tobyhanna Army Depot, she “worked with figures – big ones.” There at Tobyhanna, she met her husband, Stephen Golembiewski. Before their son, Steven, arrived, they often traveled by car to favorite spots, mostly in Florida.

Stephen and Elaine were married for 55 years, before he passed away. After Stephen retired, he stayed active fishing and hunting. Even with all that fresh fish and meat around, Mrs. Golembiewski couldn’t bring herself to enjoy it.

“Even my brothers were great hunters, but I would never eat it,” she recalls.

Coming to Homeland in late 2017, she enjoys playing cards with her fellow residents.

“It’s nice here,” she says.