Dauphin County Library System partners with Homeland Center


Homeland Center residents will soon be able to access a host of audiobooks, large-print titles and other materials as part of a growing cooperative effort with the Dauphin County Library System.

The Ted Lick Room plaque

The Ted Lick Room, used by many residents at Homeland Center as the on-site library.

Rob Lesher, the executive director of the Dauphin County Library System recently visited Homeland’s Ted Lick Room library and said he was excited at the opportunity to offer access to even more materials.

“I was greatly impressed by Homeland’s library and the possibilities that exist for the Dauphin County Library System to work with your staff on a number of programs,’’ Lesher said.

“We will be working with you to find out what you would like in terms of books and programs,’’ he said. “Please do not hesitate to let someone know what you might think is a good activity which we could bring to you.’’

Additionally, the library system has an online app called “Libby,’’ that allows users to check out ebooks and eaudiobooks on their own electronic devices, such as computers and tablets, he said.

Dauphin County Library System partners with Homeland Center

Homeland residents and library volunteers, Vivian Black (l) and Marie Andrews (r).

Homeland renovated its library in 2014, thanks to a generous donation by former Board of Managers member Kelly Lick in memory of her husband, Ted Lick. The room, which also is used for gatherings, now features a new cooking area as well as large print books, a touch screen computer and other improvements.

Lesher said the county library system will build on Homeland’s current offerings and said residents also can visit the nearby Madeline L. Olewine Memorial Library, which has a number of interesting programs.

“There are opportunities to create art. You could enjoy a music series this summer which will introduce you to new styles of music including flamenco guitar and bagpipes,’’ he said. “Check out the Library’s Compass, which has a full listing of programs for each season.’’

Lesher said the library system would be bringing many of its services to Homeland as well.

“We realize that many residents might not be able to visit a library,’’ he said. “In coming months, we hope that you will see more of us around Homeland,’’ Lesher said. “If ever you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at the library and I would be happy to talk to you about what we might be able to offer.’’

If you have suggestions about Dauphin County Library System programs and materials you would like to see offered at Homeland Center, please contact Gillian Sumpter, Director of Activities.