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Common Questions

We understand that choosing a Continuing Care Retirement Community for a loved one can be a complex, difficult and often time-sensitive decision. We are committed to supporting you and providing peace of mind during the decision-making process and transition to making Homeland your home.

General Questions About Homeland

What is Homeland Center?

Homeland Center, which occupies a full block in uptown Harrisburg, is a licensed not-for-profit Continuing Care Retirement Community offering exceptional personal care, skilled nursing care, memory care and short-term rehabilitation. Homeland consistently receives Medicare’s highest recognition for quality care, staffing, and safety – ranking it among the country’s best.

What is Homeland at Home?

Homeland at Home, a community outreach program of Homeland, provides a full continuum of services to care for patients and to support families as their needs change.

Services include hospice care (in-home or at a residential or care facility); in-home physician-ordered medical treatment; and in-home non-medical daily living assistance. By providing compassionate, in-home care, we keep your loved one near to make the most of every precious moment together.

What makes Homeland different?

Homeland has a rich tradition of providing care with compassion, dignity, kindness, courtesy and consideration. Homeland also provides a full continuum of services as patients and their families experience changing circumstances.

What is the difference between personal care and skilled nursing care?

Skilled nursing care (or care provided in a nursing home) provides care for residents who require post-acute medical, nursing or rehabilitative services. Skilled nursing care usually involves long-term care for individuals with medical needs as well as assistance with daily living activities.

Skilled nursing care in Pennsylvania is provided in facilities that are inspected and licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and meet both state and federal regulations. Skilled nursing care may be paid for by Medicare, Medical Assistance, other third-party insurance or private pay.

Personal care provides a range of support to help residents with routine daily tasks they would normally do for themselves if they could. These activities of daily living may include help with eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, personal hygiene, light housework and medication management.

Personal care facilities in Pennsylvania are inspected and licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. Sometimes personal care facilities refer to themselves as “assisted living residences,” “retirement homes” or “boarding homes.” Personal care is not eligible for Medicare or Medical Assistance, although personal care may be covered by long-term care insurance policies.

Prior to Admission

What do your rooms look like?

Homeland Center’s spacious accommodations make every resident feel at home. View our floor plans or 360-degree images of rooms and other spaces at Homeland.

Can I arrange a tour?

Homeland Center offers live or virtual tours by appointment. To schedule a tour, contact us or call Susan Horvath at 717-805-4388 to schedule a tour for Skilled Care or Memory Care or call Jennifer Murray at 717-221-7901 to arrange a tour for Personal Care.

How do I apply for admission for myself or a loved one?

To begin the application process, please complete and submit an Applicant Profile.

Use the same Applicant Profile for Personal Care and Skilled Care.

You may also call us to request an information packet with a description of our services, prices and a printed Applicant Profile. Call 717-221-7901 for Personal Care or 717-805-4388 for Skilled Care.

Does Homeland require a power of attorney and a living will for admission?

No, we do not require a power of attorney or living will for admission. However, we encourage residents to have a durable medical and financial power of attorney and a living will. It is important to have someone appointed to make medical and financial decisions should the resident become unable to do so.

After applying for admission, when will I learn if space is available?

Our Admissions team will work closely with you to confirm if space is available within your needed timeframe based on information you provide on the Applicant Profile.


What types of payment does Homeland accept?

For Personal Care residents, Homeland Center accepts private pay and long-term care insurance (when applicable). The daily fee reflects the charge for the Personal Care suite, meals and the day-to-day costs of providing quality service and care.

For Skilled Care and Memory Care residents, Homeland Center accepts private pay and the following other forms of payment when they are approved: long-term care insurance, Medicare, medical assistance, private insurance and benevolent care under certain circumstances.

Preparing to Move to Homeland

What items should I pack?

Start with the clothes and special items that will help your loved one feel at home. Your Homeland Admissions Coordinator or social worker can provide a recommended clothing list and suggestions for other items that may be appropriate for your loved one’s situation.

Should valuables and personal items be moved to Homeland?

Lock boxes are available at Homeland Center for resident’s valuables. However, we recommend storing expensive jewelry, heirlooms, collectibles or other value items safely with family members if possible.

Living at Homeland

What kinds of activities does Homeland offer to residents?

What makes Homeland Center feel like home is so much more than comfortable, well-appointed suites and welcoming, comfortable gathering spaces. It is the amenities and activities that create our home-like setting, all tended to by our creative, caring and dedicated staff. View the activities planned for residents!

Are laundry services available?

Yes. Homeland Center provides laundry services on a regular schedule, typically with a 1-2 day turnaround. Residents should have enough clothing appropriate for their condition. We require that clothing is labeled to help prevent clothing from getting lost. Families may choose to do the laundry for their loved one.

Is parking available for residents and visitors?

Yes, parking is available for residents who have a car. Visiting family and friends can park in areas on and around the Homeland Center campus. For GPS purposes, use 1924 North 6th Street, Harrisburg.

Is transportation available for residents?

Yes, Homeland Center has several vans and a small shuttle bus to transport residents. For activities sponsored by Homeland Center, transportation is provided at no charge. Homeland offers transportation services for residents to off-campus medical appointments for an additional fee.

May residents establish a Homeland account for personal expenses?

Yes, residents may establish an account to pay for on-campus personal expenses. Contact Evelyn Fry at 717-221-7900 ext. 2127 for assistance.

Contact us to discuss any other questions you have. Complete our contact form or call 717-221-7900.